As the highest commanding officer here at CityWide, you can be sure Douglas has got a lot of experience under his belt. Mr. Solomon has been in law enforcement for thirty plus years, highlighting stints as Chief of police in Monticello, Beacon and Newborough. Terms as Monticello's faithful mayor as well, further affirms Douglas's loyal and steadfast temperament, superior interpersonal skills, commitment to detail, and proficiency in leadership. When transferring to the private sector, we at CityWide and axiomatically our clients too, got lucky enough to hire Mr. Solomon and profit from his presence.

Chief Douglas Solomon

Chief of Security

Positioned on the field, Levi oversees the operations with a skilled eye, and knack for coordinated direction. As the founder and director of Shmira Public Safety for over a decade, Levi’s resourcefulness, grit, training and experience lead all hands-on-deck expertly for the most efficient security solutions and successes. With his personable mien and precise communication, Levi is the force of our customer connection and satisfaction

Mr Levi


As supervisor for the bulk of his thirty plus years employed in the security arena, Captain William has been there; done that. His administrative prowess and immaculate configuration is what keeps us at CityWide shooting ahead full steam. Mr. William has also served as a NYC ACS certified police officer, where he gained the same acclaim for his detail oriented, outstanding work ethics, precision and penchant for protection driven efforts and results.

Captain Roy William

Supervisor, Administration

With more than thirty years of security experience, including 22 years with law enforcement, a fourteen-year tenure as Security training instructor of NYS Division of criminal justice, and another decade plus stretch as Northeast mid-Atlantic regional director of security; Captain Duncan has got a whole lot of variety of security exposure.  His talent, know-how and accreditations is nothing new, but rather amplified due to his familiarity. On site and on mark, Captain Duncan has the team all wrapped around his fingers, and with his proficiency, goes for only optimal outcomes.

Captain Terence Duncan

Supervisor, Field

As a successful entrepreneur and leader of his own company for close to ten years, Simcha ran a tight ship with his professionalism and precision at the helm. The qualities that helped him succeed we’re exactly the kind of qualities we were seeking, and we are lucky to have got him on our team today.   With his unique intelligence, attention to detail and fastidiousness, Simcha is the perfect operations coordinator for perfect protection results. 

Captain Simcha Abramowitz

Operations Coordinator

Mr. Saavedra, with his exceptional capabilities and character, landed his first job as the youngest manager of Dunkin Donuts. Since his transfer to CityWide, our upper management has acquired a tremendous asset to our team. Cesar lives CityWide 24/7. A driven, energetic, and spirited individual he is the go-to person for everything. Everyone loves Cesar. 

Captain Cesar Saavedra

Office Manager

As the highest authority of administration, Yossi mans the company and maintains the smooth and efficient running of it. His award-winning personality and loyalty coupled with the extensive knowledge, resourcefulness, and accountability he exhibits, make him the chief executive officer every company wishes for. Yossy’s business acumen, visionary strategies and interpersonal skills reveal his many years in the field, and leave you assured that you’ve come to the right place.

Yossi Leifer

Chief Executive Officer

Emanuel's forward thinking, spurred-by-innovation, mindset, has brought CityWide to where we are today; a company that stands for its mission of providing premier protection to our partnering public   With years of experience under his belt, and his inimitable personable communicative style, Emanuel has the know-how needed to be at the helm of the best

Emanuel Friedman