We keep an eye out

Providing enhanced security with state-of-the-art remote monitoring services.

Preventing Damage Before It Happens.

CityWide security provides next generation video monitoring systems that combine the power of video and voice, to prevent crime from happening in the first place.
With CityWide security, you will benefit from safer facilities, lower security costs, and the kind of peace of mind every business owner is seeking.

The CityWide Difference

We never let our guard down.

Combined on-site and off-site guards for complete coverage.

Highly trained and fully licensed security agents.

Instant reaction to potential intrusion threats.

Cutting-edge technology along with fully redundant systems.

Our Services and Specialties:

We know you cannot be everywhere all the time, but we can.

Why Partner With Us

CityWide Security stays with customers long after the installation is complete. Our sophisticated video monitoring technology gives customers total control over their camera feeds and is flexible enough to adapt to any type of IP camera or output.

Safe and Sound

Hear from our satisfied clients.

Partner with us to secure your perimeter.